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reiki in berlin

traditional japanese energetic healing

a space for healing for women and lgbtq+ members

For me, healing begins in an environment of self-love and acceptance. I want to create this space for you.
Firefly Healing – Reiki in Berlin stands for traditional Japanese energetic healing in Friedrichshain, especially for women and members of the LGBTQ + community.

I’m looking forward to meet you!

The word “Reiki” derived from the Japanese syllables”Rei” and “Ki” and is translated as “universal life energy”. It describes the energy that flows through us all – not just us, but also animals, plants, the earth, water, air … everything!

In our body this energy flows through certain meridians, much like veins. However, when the meridians are blocked, e.g. due to injuries, emotional, psychological or spiritual problems, the energy can no longer flow properly. Likewise, the other way around, blocked energy can lead to problems and diseases. In the philosophy of holistic health, a balance of all aspects is required to promote optimal recovery.

Through the use of Reiki, the blocked energy is brought into vibration, so that the blockages are released. With Reiki, you can set your self-healing in motion.

corona news

I am allowed to offer you appointments as usual, yeah!

However, we have to follow some rules:

  • Please come only about 5 minutes prior to your appointment so that there is as little contact as possible with other customers.
  • Please don’t forget your face mask. We must both wear one during treatment. Of course, I change my face mask after every customer.
  • Hand sanitizer is ready for you.
  • As I’m working in close proximity to you and your body, I am obliged to document attendance with contact information.

I want you to feel comfortable and safe with me, just as I want all other customers to feel comfortable and safe. Let’s take care of each other together

did you know? Reiki stimulates self-healing powers and strengthens the immune system

why reiki for women & lgbtq+?

My dream is to build a place for sisterhood and female empowerment. Feminism is the fundamental attitude and inclusivity is part of it.

Have you had terrible experiences in the classic health system? Did they not take you and your point of view serious? Have practitioners been untactful or even hurtful towards you?

This ends here.


When I went to a Reiki treatment with Caro, I was just at the beginning with my own business. I knew what I wanted to do but had no clue where to start and had stared at my laptop for days, totally blocked. After Caro's Reiki treatment, I was able to sit down and work for two hours straight. Everything just flowed.
Johannes D.
Thank you for this wonderful Reiki session. I felt like I was sinking into the massage table - I was filled with a great lightness. I felt so relaxed like after a long, restful sleep. If you have never tried Reiki, you should definitely give it a go. With Caro you are definitely in good hands!
Viktoria A.
Whenever my sleep disorders come back, Reiki is a reliable help. Sometimes I just have so much on my mind that I can't calm down. Before the treatment, there is like a chaos in my head but afterwards I am so relaxed that I could sleep straight through 🙂 Thank you Caro!
Anna P.

duration, place and prices


For our first appointment, I always plan at least 2 hours. Then we can clarify all of your questions and still have enough time for an intense treatment.

For follow-up appointments, we can arrange a duration of 60 to 90 minutes, depending on your needs.

A session of distance Reiki lasts about 20 minutes.

Follow-Up appointments

Energetic healing is not a miracle pill. Like many conventional medical therapies, it takes time and repetition for the energy to help you as effectively as possible. That’s why I recommend planning multiple treatments – how many are the right number for you depends on your personal situation. I am happy to offer you an individual package deal.


The treatment takes place in a private studio at Finowstraße 3 in Berlin Friedrichshain.

Although the studio is on the ground floor, it is unfortunately not completely barrier-free. That’s why I also offer home visits within the Berlin area.



First anamnesis session approx. 2 hours: 150 €

Follow-up sessions 90 min: 100 €, 60 min: 75 €

Distance Reiki 20 minutes: donation based

Travel costs are added for home visits. I would be happy to make you a non-binding offer.

firefly healing

As many find it difficult to imagine healing energy, it is often pictured as light. And the light of fireflies have always expressed a very special magic for me – a kind of magic that I associate with energetic healing (even beyond the light factor ;)).

Their light is also very valuable for the fireflies themselves, because it attracts their ideal partner. So, Firefly Healing – Reiki in Berlin is about the inner light that attracts the good – and that is exactly what I would like to pass on to you.


who am i?

My name is Caroline Richter. I found my way to Reiki in Barcelona and was initiated by Arvick Baghramian, who stands in direct tradition to Takata Hawayo.

Since my initiation, I have been practicing Reiki every day and am amazed again and again by the power that this energy gives to others and me. For me, too, began a journey of healing on many levels. Here you can read more about me and Reiki.

It fills me with great gratitude to have access to this healing power and I look forward to being able to support you with Reiki, too.

Bitte um Rückruf

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